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2024 will make the beginning of Hammer Nutrition’s 37th year in business. And if you’ve ever been employed in any aspect of the health food/supplement business, you know that surviving anywhere near that long is a remarkable accomplishment. Having been involved in various aspects in the health food/supplement business for 35+ years myself, I can honestly say that more companies have never achieved that kind of longevity… not even close. In fact, I’ve seen far more companies—a LOT more--go by the wayside than companies that survive.

But here we are. Heading into our 37th year and we’re not only surviving. Nope, We. Are. Thriving. Have we had to face some challenges? You bet, and a few of them have been fairly difficult. But we’ve eagerly faced and overcome those challenges, and will continue to do so, because we’re not just survivors, we’re thrivers. How do I know all this? Because I’ve known Hammer Nutrition's Founder & CEO, Brian Frank, for over 35 years. Long before I became an employee at Hammer Nutrition (24 years in April 2024), I was (and remain) a devoted user of his products and have spent more hours than I can remember discussing fueling and supplementation with him. I’ve never met anyone more devoted than Brian when it comes to providing exemplary customer service, which, in my book, is just as important, if not more so, than producing superior products (which he obviously also does).

For as long as I’ve known Brian, it’s become crystal clear that his devotion to not only producing outstanding products, but providing exemplary customer service, has never faded. If anything, that devotion gets stronger with each passing month and year. As I have unhesitatingly said before, Brian’s zealousness for treating customers by The Golden Rule and like family is unequaled by any other CEO of any other company I know. He really is the one who puts the “us” in “customer service” and that service is absolutely on par with the superior-quality products he produces and sells. They are both the hallmark of his company, and, coming up on 24 years in his employ, I know without hesitation that he will never cut corners on either. Never.

Brian’s mission statement is so spot on and remains 100% accurate:

"Superlative products and the expertise to put them to their best effect are certainly key, but how a company interacts with its customers is even more important. From day one, we've strived to treat every client exactly how we want to be treated when we are on the other side of the counter—fairly, honestly, and individually. We do everything possible to ensure that is what you experience when you do business with us. Our reputation for 5-star customer service has been earned by living this principle every day for the past 30+ years. I still read every feedback submission we receive and work directly with my staff to ensure that every issue is handled to my satisfaction. It takes a lot of work and resources to maintain my standards, but it's the only way I'm willing to run my company. We treat you like you are important to us because you are... Guaranteed!"

Now, anyone could make a statement like that, but Brian is the only person who backs it up with his actions. I can say that without a moment of hesitation because of my decades-long history as a customer, employee, and friend of his. I know from personal experience that Brian has never deviated from his business model. Never. His earlier-listed mission statement quote is the only way he'll run the business, and his oft-used saying, "people before profits," has always been the very heart of how Hammer Nutrition does business.

As I have also said many times before, with some other companies, you get the typical (as an example), "Press 1 for supplements; press 2 for fuels; press 3 to leave a message," and so on. This has never been the Hammer way, and it never will be. You can expect that everyone who works for Hammer Nutrition will treat you like you are important to us, and that's because you are. It's really just that simple.

Whether you've got questions, concerns, suggestions, or a success story, give us a call or Live Chat with us. You'll be connected with a live person—a trained advisor—you'll be treated like a real person, not a number, and you'll experience the best customer support and service in the industry!

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