Marathon Running Kit

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9.900 Ft
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Choose the Hammer Marathon Race Pack so that you can complete the distance without problems and get the best out of yourself!

The content of the package ensures your sufficient electrolyte, calorie and protein intake from real and high-quality endurance fuels. You just focus on running, we'll take care of your update! No strong taste, no simple sugars and you can forget about stomach problems! On the other hand, we have electrolytes for extreme stress and weather, so you can prepare your body to avoid painful muscle cramps.

Our package is the perfect choice for completing a marathon within 3-5 hours. If you spend a longer time on the track, let us know and we will supplement the package with the most suitable products!

Contents of the package:

- 4 Hammer Gels (choose 4 identical flavors)
- 4 pcs of HEED Sport Drink (choice of 2 identical flavors)
- 3 Endurolytes Samples
- 1 pcs of Recoverite (choice of flavor)

HEED Sports Drink (Choose a flavor): 2.0 Cherry Bomb
Recoverite (Choose a flavor): 2.0 Chocolate
Hammer gel (Choose a Flavor): Apple Cinnamon

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