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We are waiting for your application if you think you would like to be the exclusive distributor of Hammer Nutrition products in your city.
If it is important to you that your customers consume the best and healthiest sports nutrition and dietary supplements,
then definitely register with us.
Since 1987, Hammer Nutrition has been the only manufacturer in the world to provide athletes with the finest, purest, highly effective and doping-free products.

What does all this mean?

Product information:

  • For more than 34 years, we have been continuously developing the most effective, natural products.
  • It contains only complex carbohydrates, the highest quality proteins and ingredients.
  • 100% USA made products.
  • Free of gluten and artificial ingredients, free of added sugar, does not contain dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives* (*except: Hammer Gel), chemical substances.
  • The Verified by Informed Sport and GMP certified is made at the manufacturer.
  • The products are uniquely delicious and have an excellent degree of effectiveness, so they are, or easily become, the favorite of many athletes.

Additional benefits:

  • Providing an authentic and continuous, accessible, huge amount of knowledge material.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Individual advice.
  • In terms of Price-Effectiveness, the best price category products.
  • Representing a health-conscious lifestyle.
  • Human-centered philosophy.
  • Striving for the possibility of achieving peak performance.
  • Social engagement.
  • Building communities, representation at sports events.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • Leadership in the field of innovation.

Why you should join now:

  • The possibility of providing an opening set, with up to 60 days of payment.
  • It is risk-free, because in up to 2 months you can decide whether you want to continue working with us or not. If you do not want to continue, you only have to pay for the products sold up to that point.
  • 30-day payment in case of continued cooperation.
  • Highlight trade margin.
  • According to our experience, it will be the most sought-after brand in your store as well.
  • Fixed retail prices throughout Europe.
  • Products with a long shelf life.
  • Education, product information for colleagues.
  • Propagation materials, marketing tools.
  • Exclusivity in the given city.
  • We offer the possibility that if your satisfied customers also buy our other products on our website, you will continue to profit from them in the future.

If you liked the above, or if you need more information, please let us know at support@hammer-nutrition.hu.