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"Our Passion, Supporting Your Passion"
Hammer Nutrition considers it a priority task to help athletes, in order to achieve the fullest health and the highest possible performance, so we want to provide you with the opportunity to get to know our products.
The family business spanning generations, which produces the best quality, natural and effective products, started its activities in 1987.

As the only manufacturer in the world, Hammer Nutrition provides athletes with the finest, purest, highly effective and doping-free products.

We are committed to quality, so the highest quality characterizes the product line from the very beginning.

Most companies call their products "high quality", but for Hammer Nutrition, these words are more than just an expression. For us, the focus is on the "Highest quality control".

SQF 2000 (GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative) Level 3 qualification: Hammer Gel and all Hammer Nutrition powder-based fuels are manufactured using equipment that is Level 3 SQF 2000 certified. For the production of Hammer Bars, Hammer Vegan Rocovery Bars, Hammer Vegan Protein and all other Hammer Nutrition capsule supplements, equipment that meets the NFS for dietary supplements a GMP according to your registration.

Relying on all the research and results related to the human body, we achieve and maintain the desired health and performance through our products.

Thus, each of our products is 100% researched and extensively tested before being offered for sale. Our products contain the highest quality American and European ingredients and are produced according to the strictest manufacturing standards known in the world. We carefully examine the effectiveness of all ingredients and only use as much of them as is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired effect and results.

We approach sports performance and health holistically, process it and share our knowledge in a language that is understandable, because a well-informed athlete is a truly prepared athlete.

Hammer Nutrition is at the service of health-conscious athletes worldwide with outstanding products, exclusive knowledge and 5-star service. We serve not only customers, but also the community, both locally and nationally. Experience so far shows that competitors who try and use Hammer Nutrition stay with the brand.

Product information:

  • For more than 34 years, we have been continuously developing the most effective, natural products.
  • It contains only complex carbohydrates, the highest quality proteins and ingredients.
  • 100% USA made products.
  • Free of gluten and artificial ingredients, free of added sugar, does not contain dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives* (*except: Hammer Gel), chemical substances.
  • The Verified by Informed Sport and GMP certified is made at the manufacturer.
  • The products are uniquely delicious and have an excellent degree of effectiveness, so they are, or easily become, the favorite of many athletes.

Additional benefits:

  • Providing an authentic and continuous, accessible, huge amount of knowledge material.
  • Outstanding customer service and personalized advice.
  • In terms of Price-Effectiveness, it is the best price category product on the market.
  • Products that ensure fast regeneration.
  • Representing a health-conscious lifestyle.
  • Human-centered philosophy.
  • Striving for the possibility of achieving peak performance.
  • Social engagement.
  • Building communities, representation at sports events.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • Leadership in the field of innovation.

Why you should join now:

  • Our athletes also hold several world records, national and track records
  • Education, product information for colleagues.
  • Propagation materials, marketing tools.
  • A product known worldwide
  • Discount system increasing according to total team traffic

If you consider it important that your athletes consume the best and healthiest sports nutrition and dietary supplements, we welcome your application to learn about our program for Sports Associations.