Half Marathon Running Kit

4.490 Ft
4.490 Ft
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In the package, you can try our products recommended and used by Gáspár Csere, if you strive for maximum energy without problems.

Gazsi has been using our products since the Rio Olympics (2016), and he has been our sponsored athlete and sports ambassador for two years. If we can say it, our biggest joint success is that in 2020 he finished with one of the best Hungarian times (2:17:43) in the national championship, in the marathon distance. We are very proud of him.

That's why we thought we'd make the products he used during the competition available for others to try at a favorable price.
We know it will bring out the best in you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Contents of the package:

- 2 Hammer Gels ( choose 2 identical flavors)
- 2 single servings of HEED Sport Drink ( choice of 2 identical flavors)
- 1 pc Fully Charged Stick
- 1 Endurolytes Sample


Consume Fully Charged half an hour before the race, approx. with 1.5 dl of water and add 2 Endurolytes capsules.
Drink one of the Hammers 5-10 minutes before the start, then sip the HEED Sport Drink during the first hour of the race/training.
In the second hour, repeat the consumption of Gel and HEED. If necessary (recommended), consume the remaining two Endurolytes capsules after one hour.
Have a good run!

HEED Sports Drink (Choose a flavor): 2.0 Cherry Bomb
Hammer gel (Choose a Flavor): Apple Cinnamon

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