The quality

Commitment to quality

Highest quality from the start

Most companies advertise their products as ``high quality,'' but for Hammer Nutrition, those words are a little more than just an expression. We were characterized by our emphasis on the "Highest Quality Control". for the past 27 years and it continues to this day.

From day one, the owner,  Brian Frank and the entire Hammer Nutrition team has made it their goal to ensure that each and every Hammer Nutrition product meets the required level of purity, quality and effectiveness. That's why we give it with confidence in our unwavering guarantee for all our products.

Made in the USA with high quality equipment

Our emphasis on excellent quality begins with our sources of supply. As long as many companies manufacture their products abroad to increase profits, until we pride ourselves on the fact that all our products are made in the USA . We have always wanted to maintain this standard (and why would we want it any other way?) and it also ensures that our products will not be contaminated with unwanted – and possibly very dangerous – substances.

In addition, all Hammer Nutrition products are only manufactured under conditions that meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. GMP is a regulatory agency whose policy is to ensure that manufacturers meet certain requirements in quality assurance and quality control. It also demonstrates consistency and accuracy in:

• Equipment
• Employees
• Safety
• Hygiene
• Raw materials
• Production lots
• Processing
• Packaging
• Documentation (certificates)
• Shipping
• Product support - customer service

NFS (National Sanitation Foundation) International - International Public Health Foundation

Hammer Bars, Hammer Vegan Rocovery Bars, Hammer Vegan Protein and all other Hammer Nutrition capsule supplements are manufactured using equipment that complies with NFS dietary supplements according to GMP registration.

NFS International's GMP registration program ensures that manufacturers independently register to meet GMP requirements. This program is not only the various food manufacturers is open to the public, but it is also an opportunity for transport, storage and packaging companies to show how committed they are to the safety of the wider community.

Top manufacturers usually choose NFS for its reputation and high level of performance, and NFS is known to be of a higher standard than to general regulatory bodies. (FDA, Department of Health, etc.)

NFS emphasizes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity shown on the label. These regulations are listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173 , which is the only recognized American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry.
Among dietary supplement manufacturers and selected food companies, registration with the NFS is usually required.

SQF 2000 (GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative) level 3 certification

Hammer Gel and all Hammer Nutrition powdered fuels are manufactured using equipment that is Level 3 SQF 2000 certified.

The Safe Quality Program (SQF Food Safety Quality Program) an organization recognized worldwide by the trade and food service providers, which requires a strict and creditable food safety management system. It was initiated in Australia in 1994. Since 2004, it has been run by the SQF Institute, a division of the Food and Beverage Institute, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Thousands of businesses in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia have already received the SQF certification.

On July 1, 2013, edition 7.1 of the SQF Regulations was introduced. Levels 2 and 3 of the SQF Regulations, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) govern food safety standards.

Each policy is divided into 3 different levels of certification , which shows the level that shows the level of safety and quality development of the supplier. The 3 different levels give companies of any size the opportunity to participate and continuously develop in the program. The GFSI benchmark is known, accepted, recommended and required by most international trade groups around the world.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Manufacturers throw around the word "quality" and expect everyone to believe them. The truth is that quality is only as good as they can prove it to be.

In our industry, the FDA and Local Health Offices only enforce regulations when they find someone in violation. Even if someone requests them, they only provide limited performance guidelines.

Not authenticated the manufacturers' quality program and in most cases they just point out what was done wrong and if they check the equipment and find problems they give a warning and a penalty.

NSF and SQF operate with a different approach. Experts in the field of Quality Assurance in program development, program implementation and program maintenance. Their guidelines are based on the sound principles of experienced professionals. Manufacturers are continuously reviewed and monitored to ensure a high level of quality.

Their annual and semi-annual reviews are very elaborate and detailed. The review reports point out even the smallest deficiencies and request that the roots of the deficiencies be isolated. Later, they are required to outline a prevention plan so that these deficiencies do not occur again in the future.

Companies must respond to these review reports, demonstrating that they have corrected the error found, to the reviewer's satisfaction. Companies that do not meet these requirements risk losing their registration and certificate. Overall, the Quality Assurance program The regular inspections required by

We take quality personally

That our products are safe and effective is very important to us. After all, we use these products every day. We are also athletes and take care of our health. That's why we choose our products: they are of the highest possible purity and efficiency. We want the same for everyone.

The extensive quality tests that our manufacturers follow in the production of Hammer Nutrition products can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section. For detailed information, please refer to the question ˝ What are the procedures of quality tests ˝.