Our mission

Hammer Nutrition - Family Owned, Made in USA

Founded by Brian Frank in 1987, Hammer Nutrition serves health-conscious athletes worldwide with outstanding products, exclusive knowledge and 5-star service. Our product range originally consisted of sports nutrition and accessories, and has now expanded to include premium American and Italian-made clothing, chemical-free personal care products, EMS equipment and a wide range of American-made accessories.

The principles, philosophy and values ​​set out below have determined the development of Hammer Nutrition from its humble beginnings in 1987 to the present day.

We firmly stand by our mission and vision, as we have done for nearly three decades. The external perception of our brand, each of our products and all of our actions supports the truth of this.


To build a family business spanning generations that produces the best quality, natural and effective products, keeping in mind the principles, philosophies and core values ​​set out below.


Taking a holistic approach to nutrition and renewal to help people achieve their fullest health and maximum performance. We support our products and the athletes who use them with honest information and the best possible service.

Our guiding principles:

Service - It's all about you

Of course, an exceptionally good product and the expertise required for the right application are important, but even more important is the way a company behaves with its customers. From the very first moment, we have strived to treat each customer exactly as we would like to be treated when we are standing across the counter: honestly, sincerely and individually. We will do our best to ensure that you get exactly that in your relationship with us. Our reputation for 5-star customer service also stems from the fact that this principle has guided us every day for the past 28 years. To this day, I read all the feedback received and coordinate directly with my colleagues to handle all cases in a way that is satisfactory to me. It takes a lot of energy and time to work according to my convictions, but that's the only way I'm willing to run my company.


Today, it is beyond doubt that a diet of whole foods – with minimal or zero processed food, sugar, flour, dairy, salt and chemical additives – is the best way to stay healthy, perform at our best and avoid the malaise and diseases that can be caused by "junk food" and low-quality products. All our products support this and thus complement the organization's needs.

Our ground-breaking "less is better" approach to nutrition before, during and after training has revolutionized the field of endurance sports and massively pushed the limits of athletes' performance. Most of the companies on the market and many self-proclaimed experts have already adopted it.

Our magazine "Endurance News", which has been published continuously since 1992, as well as the considerable amount of information available on our website, is a good example of our desire not only to educate and educate our customers, but also to stick to the principles we first formulated. , which many others have taken and made their own.

Dreams come before profit:

Since 1987, I have steadfastly refused to sacrifice my principles for a get-rich-quick or sudden profit. This sounds good and is easy to say, but here is a perfect example: we do not produce gum, even according to conservative estimates, this is a loss of 1-2 million dollars per year for us, and it does not bother me.

Sugar/sweets are not healthy and do not help optimal performance. I say this wholeheartedly, that's why we don't sell gum. Regarding my company, you can be sure that seeing our name on a product can only do you good. You can rest easy knowing that if I wouldn't eat something or give it to my children, I won't try to sell it to you either.


Community service:

Hammer Nutrition not only serves customers, but also the community, both locally and nationally. We also support dozens of local organizations, schools, arts activities, charities and sporting events because we live and work here and because these people are our neighbors, friends and family members of our colleagues. We also believe that by supporting local, smaller competitions, we are doing good for the entire endurance sports community by creating an opportunity to compete and test yourself locally. For many, these are a stepping stone to bigger, national events. And for others, it's a chance to hang out with the other competitors. The logistical and resource requirements of supporting more than 1,500 events a year are enormous, but just as we work tirelessly to help you individually, we also think of this as an activity that will bear fruit for everyone in the long run.

Only the truth:

We don't engage in self-serving arguments and we don't pick and choose among scientific results to try to support dubious products or drugs (you know which ones - where the first three ingredients are sugar, salt and citric acid). Instead, we rely on the body of research and results related to the human body to achieve and maintain the desired health and performance through our diet, hydration and lifestyle choices.

We approach sports performance and health in a holistic way, process it and share our knowledge with you in a language that you can understand, because a well-informed athlete is a truly prepared athlete. From day one, we believe that a whole foods diet is necessary to achieve and maintain maximum performance and overall health.

We use local products:

When it comes to B2B (Business to Business) activity, we work with a model consisting of concentric circles. In all cases, we try to choose from local businesses in the event of a need. If we can't find one in Whitefish, we'll look in the Flathead Valley. If there is no one in the valley, then we look around the state of Montana. If not there, then let's look at the United States as a whole. Whether it's printing, box and packaging materials, technology partners, manufacturing, apparel or accessories, this priority comes before cost or any other factor. All of this is good for the economy and also reduces our carbon footprint.

Basic values:

Product integrity

Each of our products is 100% researched and extensively tested before being offered for sale. Our products contain the highest quality American and European ingredients and are produced according to the strictest manufacturing standards known in the world. We carefully examine the effectiveness of all ingredients and only use as much of them as is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired effect and results. We dedicate an entire page to our commitment to quality, here: Our commitment to quality.

In addition, all of our products intended for consumption have been and will be manufactured 100% in the USA, wherever possible and using domestic ingredients, regardless of cost. While this approach is becoming more and more fashionable these days, I have been acting in this spirit since 1987.


The cornerstone of our work is the search for the latest micro- and macronutrients, and setting up their proper use in order to optimize optimal energy, endurance, regeneration and general health. We have been at the forefront since 1987, and in the meantime we have increased the number of new products and with it the number of imitators of our products.

Whether it was the introduction of the first high-potency CoQ10 product in 1987, the launch of the first complex carbohydrate-only protein-enriched energy drink in 1992, or the first reusable energy gel, Hammer Nutrition has always been at the forefront of innovation in endurance sports nutrition. and in the world of accessories. We love this leadership role and want to remain at the forefront of innovation in human performance, health and longevity.