Hammer Nutrition increases the value of your sports event.

A fairly significant part of the success of your event is the kind of update you give the athletes. With decades of experience, Hammer Nutrition is fully aware of this. The brand annually supports 3,000 events worldwide with the highest quality fuels and food supplements. We can confidently say that if you want to increase the number of satisfied drivers who:

  • will be updated accordingly throughout the competition
  • they experience no sickness from sugar-enriched fuels
  • they perform successfully in the competition
  • they look back on the competition with pleasure and will participate in it again next year

... then you need Hammer Nutrition products!

1. If you are organizing an event/competition in the following sports, contact us for details of support!

  • Triathlon, duathlon - At any distance
  • Road bike - We primarily support races longer than 150 km, but exceptions may occur
  • Mountain bike – Races that are longer than 3 hours or 80 km
  • Running – Ultra-distance races, which are at least 50 km long
  • Winter sports – Nordic ski competitions
  • Rowing - Based on individual judgement
  • Open water swimming - Based on individual assessment
  • Motocross - Based on individual judgement
  • Endurance horse competitions - Based on individual judgement
  • Further education, training camps - Based on individual assessment

2. If we cannot support your event, or if you need a larger quantity of our products:

Based on individual conditions, a lower price than the original price is available for larger quantities, for events. With Hammer Nutrition's quality fuels, your competitors can complete the distance with pleasure, which results in loyalty, which is beneficial for both parties.

  • If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at the following e-mail address: event@hammer-nutrition.hu
  • We add gift packages to orders depending on the amount of the order.

3. If your event does not fall within the scope of point 1, please read a Event supporter conditions and expectations page to find out under what conditions you can participate in our support!

4. If you meet the conditions and would like to request our support - we remind you that if you need a larger quantity, you can buy more at a discounted price - and you agree with our expectations, please contact us with the details of your event at the following e-mail address: event@hammer- nutrition.hu



Due to the large number of applications, please send your request 60 days before your event! In addition, we ask that you send us the link to the competition's website when you apply, so that we can check the event!