Information on the conditions for applying for the Hammer Nutrition Athlete Support

We are glad that more and more athletes are realizing that natural and high-quality dietary supplements are essential for good performance. We want to support them in achieving their goals, but there are a lot of people interested in the program, so we had to draw a line. We can only support a certain number of athletes who achieve outstanding results.

As a sponsored athlete, you can benefit from the following discounts:

  • You can buy some of our fuels and dietary supplements with a certain discount,
  • We give a clothing contribution,
  • Opportunity to appear in Hammer Nutrition magazine, Endurance News and the pages of the Hungarian Sportime magazine,
  • You can be a member of Hammer Nutrition's supported athletes group on Facebook,
  • Appearance on our social media platforms,
  • And many more...

Before you send your application, please note that you must undertake the obligations listed below!

Online presence:

We want you to spread the word about your experience with Hammer Nutrition products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and your own blog. You must use the #howihammer and the #bestforendurance abs.

Sports reports:

Tell us what you're up to, and we'd like you to share your recent training/competition photos with us! Write a report about your experience!

You must provide us with your images in a size of at least 1 Mb, along with the name of the event, the result achieved, and the products used.

Athlete recommendation:

Show and recommend Hammer Nutrition to your fellow athletes and if you can't find our products in your local sports stores, ask them to contact us about distributing our quality dietary supplements!

We thank you for your recommendations with an ongoing 10% refund.

Basic knowledge material: Be up-to-date!

All sponsored athletes should know the most important information about our most popular products (Endurolytes, Hammer Gel, Heed, Perpetuem, Recoverite).

If you can demonstrate the use of our products to your fellow athletes, then you have the knowledge we are looking for. In addition, we would like you to know the basic information about our information booklets (What is Hammer? 5 secrets of a successful update).

Brand representation:

Wear Hammer clothing at your competitions, or at least label your equipment and clothing with our logo! In addition, we would like you to wear Hammer clothing during your training.

Be a responsible and positive personality with which you can successfully represent your sport! 

As an elite athlete, you are a role model for many people, which also comes with responsibility. Please note that the image formed about you also affects the Hammer Nutrition brand!

Individual Athlete Support - Conditions

We do not provide monetary benefits: If you would like to request a financial contribution, please do not submit your application! Our support is focused on products and equipment according to your support level.

Fulfillment of the above-mentioned obligations:
- Social media presence, using hashtags!
- Take photos and send them to us!
- Recommendation of products!
- Wearing Hammer or clothing with the Hammer logo in competitions and training sessions!
- Knowledge of basic products!

Supporter conflicts with other manufacturers: Our support requires that you do not have a similar relationship with other competing brands while you enjoy our support. If this comes to light, we will withdraw your support.

Order history : We would like your order to be visible in the Hammer Nutrition online store in advance, as this way we can see that you have already used the product and want to be supported because you have experienced its benefits. If you've never tried Hammer before, please don't sign up for our sponsor program! If one of our products reached you indirectly (and we cannot check your order), contact us for further action!

We monitor all your activities throughout the year. If you do not meet the conditions, we will unfortunately have to withdraw your support.

Exclusively on this link you can apply by filling out the application form, we cannot accept applications by phone or other channels.

After we receive your application, we will respond to your request within a maximum of 30 days.