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Daily Habits – Get more high-quality sleep!

Napi szokások - Több minőségi alvást!

By Miles Frank

Every time I consult with racers, endurance athletes, professionals, and amateurs alike, consistent sleep quality is a recurring theme to feel good and let the body recover properly. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, and read on if you’re having a hard time “shutting off” at the end of the day.

Take Time After Eating

I'm sure that dinnertime fluctuates and changes a great deal, but try to wait at least 2–3 hours or more after you finish dinner to when your head hits the pillow. Eating a heavy meal right before bed can often turn into a restless sleep from digestion issues, so it’s best to avoid having dinner late at night.

Hydrate During the Day

You don’t want to get up during the night, and while proper hydration is essential, try to keep most of your hydration to daylight hours.

Less Light at Night

I have eyes that are extremely sensitive to light, especially in the evenings. As much as possible, I stair step down to less light as the evening progresses. When traveling, a thin and comfortable eye mask can make all the difference in keeping the light out.

Tip: After dinner (or 8 p.m., whichever is later), turn off as many lights as possible. If you’re home, go for orange hues like a lamp or salt lamp.

Sound Down Please

While this is arguably less important than light for most, even a little background sound can distract your nerves and keep you up. A little white noise machine, fan, or calming melodies can drown out unwanted noise from your surroundings.

Hammer Solutions

It's the world's worst-kept secret, but our own REM Caps is a melatonin, serotonin, and Valerian root blend that does exactly what you think it does. One or two of these little capsules, 1–2 hours before bed, is a great place to start and see how they affect your sleep. One or two Essential Mg capsules help your muscles relax and replenish vital body stores.

If REM Caps alone aren’t getting you to sleep quickly, try adding a single CBD softgel capsule in combination with 1 REM Caps. CBD helps both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Stay as Cool as Possible

Finally, consider lowering your bedroom's temperature at night. Your body temperature decreases as you fall asleep, so a cooler room helps you get to sleep and lets your body recover better as well.

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